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A Glimpse of Glit, 2013

Innlit í Glit

Design and installation of the exhibition                   at the                                                             , 2013. 
The goal was to exhibit as many pottery items done by Glit Pottery. The concept of the design was to arrange exhibition stands, in various heights, in clusters in a way to give each period a showcase frame. One of Glit identity is fine details in the pottery design that is best seen up close, so by this arrangement each pottery could stand in their own unique placement in the exhibition despite a many showcase items.

Glit was, in many ways, well ahead of its time—making deep impressions in the history of Icelandic ceramic art. The exhibition featured chosen items from the Glit Pottery from between the years 1958 and 1973. The exhibition placed emphasis on the fact that despite its complicated history over many years of operation, Glit was adamantly devoted to utilizing Icelandic clay and ground minerals in production during its first decade of operation—especially hardened lava.


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