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Hlynur Axelsson

- Architect -

- Designer -

- Craftsman -

- Thinker -

- Maker-

tel: +354 690 0399

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I am born and raised in Reykjavík, Iceland but currently living in Aarhus, Denmark, with my lovely family.


My passion has always been the dynamics of Icelandic nature as it is where my main source of creativity is originated. The dynamic nature of Iceland is embedded in the earth, wind, rain, snow and ice thus inseparable of who I am. From that perspective I reflect my design solutions.  

My mind only runs on solutions as my multidisciplinary education and professional experience weaves together; architecture, product design, mechanics, diagnosis technician, construction and carpentry.

I think and work differently as I know and understand both hands that hold the strings that connect ideas to a built product. Thus I have the ability to take the design a step further and make it better through a design process.

I have worn many hats throughout my own practice; architect, designer, exhibition designer, product designer, problem solver, consultant, project manager, maker, 1:1 builder and I gladly I take on any new challenge that comes along.


I am passionate about my work and feel comfortable working in a team or in dynamic and constantly changing environment.

My design discipline is interwoven by: love of craft, materiality and innovative design thinking, which comes together in this manner:

- Every perspective should be taken in the most humble manner. It broadens the perspective of our world and enriches our work.

- The answer lies within the problem itself. It is a matter of squeeze all information out and build on top of that – Informed creativity

- I do not believe in the statement “it is not possible” and I embrace “problems” because that’s the path towards an innovative design.

- Everything is possible! For me it comes down to if we are willing to walk the walk and not being afraid of climbing onto the giant shoulder to look beyond.

Various projects has been done both for private and public, small and large firms and organisation in Iceland and Denmark. 

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