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The Glacier Paradox

A proposal for an architecture that responds to the dynamics of Vatnajökull glacier
2016, Masters Thesis
Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark
Studio Constructing an Archive
Location: Vatnajökull, Iceland

The glacier paradox represents an image of our dynamic world that consists of motion, from the motion of every atom to the constant motion of our universe. In the midst of that are scientists exploring the motion of Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland in order to understand its nature to predict future climate. The project is a reaction to their dynamic need of dwelling when creeping along the tail of the glacier as it retreats. With a design of a creeping structure that bounds together a society of scientists in a nature research centre at the borderline of the glacier.

The glacier paradox is a resistance to take the rules that we humans have constructed of our universe as a blinded guidance into the future. It is a way of working with an idea even though it seems absurd at first. Even though the scientists need to creep along with the glacier appears as a paradox for those that do not know the nature of science nor the scientists need to explore it. In reality this dwelling need is real, just as every other dwelling that we create. The problem is that we do not understand this need nor do we have the proper definition in our language to communicate it.

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