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The main idea for the design of the cabin was to frame the amazing picturesque mountain view form                                      at northwest to the                             at northeast. 


The cabin was to be small and it had to have an open ridge, connecting a kitchen and living room with a long opening to the view, furthermore it had to have a sleeping attic. An inspiration was to use the traditional Icelandic gable fronted design as a solution, connecting together two gables; the living quarter with the open ridge and the sleeping quarter with the sleeping attic. By having two separate ridges it was possible to get the small size cabin but with a characteristics of a larger one.


The two gables where then shifted to open up the view to the northeast and create a shelter from the strong north east wind at the southwest, which had a connection to the living room.         

Status: Unbuilt
Private, 2014

Mountain View Cabin

Borgarfjörður, Iceland

Traditional Icelandic turf house. 

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