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DesignMarch - Hönnunarmars

Festival Identity 2013

                 or Hönnunarmars in Icelandic is an annual design festival in March where the Icelandic design community comes together to showcase cream of the crop in Icelandic design.

The                                  identity was developed by the graphic designers                                   and                              through a competition organized by the 

My project was to design and construct a three dimensional wooden letter frame structure that would be used for advertisement and to make promotion material. The goal was to make the overall wooden letters seem as to be hovering in the open air with fine simple connections. The structure was 4 meter high and the design and assembly had to be extremely precise to fit together perfectly 1000 wooden and steel angled pieces. The design of typography, that was presented, as wooden letters, was crucial as every individual letter had to withstand tension and compression of the overall structural load.  

Concept, art direction and design: 
Festival booklet layout assistance:
Photography by:
H by:
M by:
N by:
S by:
Concept sketch by Armann and Jónas
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