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Voronoi City

Voronoi City is an idea of an organic building platform located at the downtown Reykjavík harbour area. The idea is that the building will grow accordingly to the social requirements in every given time. The user will be the strongest force to determine in which direction the building will grow in context with its surroundings. The Voronoi City will grow out from the social need each time just as the old medieval cites grew organically and solely on their own terms. Our role as designers therefor is to define or design a program or a system that allows the building to grow accordingly to its role in the city.
Collaborating course between the architecture department at the Icelandic Academy of Arts and the master department in Civil engineering at the Reykjavík University.
2011, Iceland Academy of the Arts
Birkir Ingibjartsson
Max Langwieder
Kristján I.Ólafsson
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